Triple Threat Basketball is one of the premier basketball programs in the tri-state region offering our athletes the opportunity to improve their basketball skills at a higher level of competition. Practices will be at the famed CYP Gym, which has played host to such superstars as Kyrie Irving, Stephon Marbury, and Elton Brand. The chosen players will participate in a structured, challenging, but fun atmosphere, where talented players can develop individual skills, increase basketball IQ & personal confidence, and master the concept of team basketball.   The Team Triple Threat Program:• 2 practices a week for total of 2½hrs.• Experienced coaches with decades of coaching at all levels of basketball.• Limited number of players per team guaranteeing optimum playing time.• 4-5 tournaments in sanctioned AAU tournaments.• Gym is exclusive for our program allowing us to add practice or individual sessions.• Though we expect commitment to practices & games we are understanding and flexible, allowing our participants to play other spring sports.

 • 3rd  Grade -Feb. 24th 5:00   Feb. 27th 6:00• 4th  Grade -Feb. 27th 5:00   Feb. 26th 5:00• 5th  Grade -Feb. 26th 6:00   Feb. 27th 7:00• 6th  Grade -Feb. 24th 6:00   Feb. 27th 8:00• 7th  Grade -Feb. 24th 7:00   Feb. 26th 7:00• 8th  Grade -Feb. 24th 8:00   Feb. 26th 8:00• 9th  Grade -Feb. 24th 8:00   Feb. 26th 8:00
Address: CYP Gym Washington Street Port Chester N.Y.Phone: (914) 815-1517Website:http://www.eteamz.com/teamtriplethreat1/Email: tttbasketball@aol.com



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