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Linda Turturino April 23, 2014 at 09:49 AM
if you are looking for details on the structure you will need to go to the Building Dept theyRead Moreshould have details on that - Good Luck
Linda Turturino April 23, 2014 at 10:08 AM
Ann some of what you say is not true the homeowner needs to go to the Building Dept and open theRead Moregen eral permit then plumber and electrician pull their permits the CO is then issued to the homeowner once the work is completed and has been inspected - we have several problems , the in Lieu OF letters are not legal, permits left open by previous homeowners , and CO's issued without the process being followed because of people not doing their job and back room deals
Anne Latella April 23, 2014 at 12:12 PM
Lina Turturino- I just finished writing a lengthy reply to you and it disappeared. I will onceRead Moreagain make an attempt. I built my own home and sub-contracted it out by myself. I built it around 1959.I never went to the Building Inspector's Office, I had a Brother-in-law who was a building contractor of multiple home in Chappaqua and Rye New York. He advised me to get bids on each phase of construction which I did, After I selected the building contactors I was going to use, my brother-in-law advised me to make sure each sub-contractor had all the necessary legal documents, such as building permit, liability insurance, workmen's compensation etc.. The property was surveyed for per setback and required footage on each side of the building. I hired an excavator, a mason for foundation and brick work a Carpenter, a plumber, electrician etc. Plans were submitted to my bank and construction then went ahead, The Bank inspected each phase of the building and issued payments in accordance with the completed phase, and it was also being inspected by the Building Department. When the Building was completed Mr. Fasolino who was the Building Inspector for the Village arrived and pinned A Co to my door. It was never given to me for my records. The Bank was given a copy and issued the final payment and the deed in accordance with everything having been done properly. I did not pay for any permits or A CO. These costs were most likely built into the sub-contractor's charge. The Building Department gives a copy of the CO to the Bank and they keep two copies. One is kept in Their office and a duplicate either in a fireproof safe or another building so they are assured records will never be destroyed. I have relatives I Port Chester who built a home about the same time I did mine. They were in compliance with everything. They are now being charged for a CO. This is an illegal Act by the BOT. My relative was told by an attorney it is illegal. The Village is scamming the residents and no one is objecting enough to prove it which would be very easy to do. It is a different situation if you put an addition on or made improvements which was not done by a licensed contractor. You do not get a deed from your bank unless you have fully complied with all rules and regulations etc. In addition when a person sells their home the buyers attorney makes sure as does the bank who is issuing the mortgage that everything was in compliance and there are no leans etc. they also make sure the building is not faulty in any way or it would have to be corrected before it could be sold. The fault is owners are not disputing the BOT's actions as being illegal. complacency is allowing the BOT to take advantage of homeowners. The Building Permits and CO is not directly paid by the homeowner. However, it is a cost incurred by the sub-contractors and therefore when you pay the builder these costs are part of the cost of the building.
FJT April 24, 2014 at 09:30 AM
Anne, all I can say is AMEN to what you wrote: "The Village is scamming the residents and noRead Moreon e is objecting enough to prove it which would be very easy to do." Complacency and apathy have ruined Port Chester.