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FJT April 13, 2014 at 07:45 PM
Keith, any municipality can attempt to revoke a property owner's CO, but it's typically done oneRead Morepro perty owner at a time, following due process -- not 5,500 in one fell swoop with no due process, as Port Chester has apparently done. If a property owner is known to have a violation or violations, the municipality can cite the property owner, indicating which law or laws he/she has supposedly violated. The summons has to be delivered in a certain manner (e.g., registered mail) and the accused is entitled to a fair hearing. Only if the accused loses the case brought against him/her can the CO be revoked by the municipality. If Yonkers nullified every CO in town like PC did (i.e., all at once with no specific charges brought against individual property owners), I think we both might well have heard about its nutty stunt. That said, I'll be very interested to see what you turn up about Yonkers and any precedent that may have been set -- if it in fact it did a blanket revocation of COs. I've done an Internet search this evening and have not been able to find one instance of the blanket nullification of COs by a municipality in the USA, except of course for Port Chester. I think the bottom line here is any municipality can do whatever it wants, but that in no way means that what it's done is legal. What several attorneys have told me does not bode well for PC, but the fact is time will tell whether PC has (and is) acting lawfully.
Linda Turturino April 14, 2014 at 11:47 AM
here is my question - when you have homeowner like me at this point no known violations why should Read MoreI be led to believe I am guilty or be told my CO is not valid I paid for it and had an inspection more important be held accountable for poor record keeping and past Inspectors NOT doing their job - not fair to me this from the beginning was leading us to believe this would address the overcrowding and it does nothing except take from those already giving
FJT April 14, 2014 at 11:09 PM
Linda, it's a twisted, mismanaged joke of a program that could only happen in Port Chester, NY.
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